Financial Analysis

“Working with Julia over the past few months has been extremely important for our business as we move into the next stage of growth. She has taught us the value in understanding our detailed financials, and she has shown us how to practically apply the knowledge on a daily basis in our business. It has been empowering to learn how to implement what we have learned, and we now feel like we have a realistic vision of what we need to do for sustainable, intelligent growth. The work that Julia does is invaluable, and we feel like we have grown so much as entrepreneurs through her guidance. We look forward to working with her for years to come.”

~Andrea DuVall, Mother Earth Produce, Asheville, NC

“It can really help you understand and improve your business when you expose it to a fresh pair of eyes, especially a pair as educated and experienced as Julia’s. For many years we had thought one of our three restaurants was earning far more than our numbers suggested, and another far worse, which nearly led us to sell the unit we had thought was under-performing. After a thorough review of our financial statements and internal management reports, Julia challenged – and corrected – several crucial, erroneous assumptions we had been living under. Julia helped us understand some important truths about our business, improved our decision making, which in turn is helping The Elephant Walk to thrive.”

~ Bob Perry, Founding Partner, The Elephant Walk Restaurant Group, Inc.

“Julia brings a combination of real world experience, strong accounting and finance skills and common sense.”

~ Michael Staub, Principal, Group M.

“Julia’s feasibility study was an invaluable asset in helping me to decide to take the leap and purchase my first business. Julia took the time to meet with me and get a detailed understanding of the business model and then she created a spreadsheet with ‘what if’ scenarios that could be adjusted endlessly with just a few key changes to help determine my cash flow over the year. Her expertise and patience with my endless questions made working with her a pleasure.”

~ Jo Horner, Owner, Create-A-Cook

“[Julia] really understands our business, the various employees as well as my goals, and this is absolutely a result of the long term relationship we have built. [She was] able to see various places where we could save money, either through changing the product, the amount, or doing prep differently. At that time, I had no idea how Quickbooks (which she set up) would help us, but in fact, it has proved to be an invaluable tool for assessing our business. [Her] sense of integrity, humor and reliability over the past two years has made working together a real pleasure.”

~ Deborah Wollheim, Owner, Plates Cafe & Catering

Business Plans

“Thank you so much for making this the easiest, most enjoyable business plan experience ever.”

~ Kate Canney, The Neighborhood Farm

“The business plan you did was excellent. I review lots of Business Plans, including for the Center for Women and Enterprise, as part of my Board of Directors volunteer work, and I just had to tell you I was impressed. “

~ Carol Sanchez, Sanchez and Santiago, Certified Public Accountants

Small Farm Business Development

“Julia has been a valuable asset to our program and a pleasure to work with. Through her professional approach, financial expertise, and ability to listen and respond to the particular needs of the farm, she has given these small business owners the tools they need to improve the productivity and profitability of their operation.”

~ Melissa Adams, Coordinator, APR Improvement Program, MA Department of Agricultural Resources

“Julia helped me stop guessing about what really makes money vs. what I grow for no good reason. If you don’t like doing office tasks, Julia Shanks will help you streamline your necessary accounting and computer chores so that you can get back to doing what you really want to be doing.”

~ Brett Grohsgal, Farmer and Owner, Even’ Star Organic Farm

CSA Cookbooks

“I am so happy with this book! I’ve started using the information in my own cooking and found so much of what’s in the book really helpful.”

~ Cathy Daughtridge, Active Parenting

“The CSA Cookbooks by Julia were a huge hit with our CSA members!  It was a great addition to our CSA.  Besides loving the recipes, customers really enjoyed the additional information provided.  We’ve always introduced them to new items, told them the benefits of eating locally and seasonally, and how to best store their produce for short term and long term enjoyment, however having it all in writing was so much easier!  We could simply direct them to their cookbook – it saved us time, and customers didn’t have to remember everything we told them at pick-up day.  This is something that really improved and added value to our CSA – a great decision all around!”

~Karin Milton, Brad’s Produce

“So beautiful. Everyone loves it!”

~ Rebecca Seward, Accokeek Farm

“We distribute our custom CSA cookbooks to each new member who joins. We use it as an introduction to cooking simply and deliciously with our vegetables and as a nice little reference book for them. We hear that the Swiss Chard dumplings are a particular favorite with the kids — this cookbook has helped us to get our customers to be happy about the ubiquity of Swiss Chard in our market-style CSA room. People buy these cookbooks as gifts, too. I particularly like the explanations about the best ways to store produce, and the background details on the vegetables.”

~ Hana Newcomb, Potomac Vegetable Farms

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