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Make the Most of Your Summer CSA With These Veggie-Life-Extending Tips

By Steve Holt

Thanks to Steve Holt for interviewing me for this piece. His article was originally published on TakePart.

With a little planning and some creativity, you can say good-bye to spoiled, unused local produce.

It’s happened to all of us: You open the fridge and see bags of unused produce. Sitting. Waiting. Slowly decomposing. Not only this week’s community-supported agriculture share but last week’s as well—almost completely untouched. This time of year, the height of the CSA season, the food can begin to pile up pretty quickly.

The thought of adding what’s in your fridge to the 40 percent of food that’s wasted in the U.S. annually is enough to make you turn away from the farmers market and hit up the drive-through instead. Why pay for a CSA share if you can’t possibly keep up with the box of produce week after week? What’s a busy locavore to do?

Plenty, say the chefs, educators, and farmers who deal directly with this conundrum every year.

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Are You Ready? Preparing for Massachusetts’s Commercial Food Waste Ban

Does your food business produce more than a ton of food waste per week? If so, now is the time to plan for the change! In Massachusetts, new regulations will ban food waste from the waste stream, sending it to be donated or composted instead. (And if you don’t know how much waste you produce, now is also the time to find out!) Though diverting food waste may seem like a big change to institute, the waste ban is a good thing, both for your business’s environmental impact and for its bottom line.

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Eating Green: Exploring the Triple Bottom Line

The recent Stanford Study called to attention the reason so many folks choose organic foods over conventionally grown, and it’s not necessarily nutritional value.  The study asserted that conventional is the same as organic, nutritionally speaking.

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9 Tips for Incorporating Local, Sustainable Foods Into Your Menu

“Local” and “Sustainable” have been buzz words of the restaurant industry for the last few years and this trend is here to stay. Buying locally and sustainably is not just good for the environment and the local economy: it can increase the quality of your food, enhance the flavor of your dishes, attract loyal customers, and enhance your brand.

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25 tips for eating local without going crazy

No matter where you live, eating seasonally and locally offers a different way of thinking about food. While some areas of the country are relatively blessed to have locally grown fruits and vegetables for longer seasons, such as California and Florida, even these regions still have strong seasonality as to when each type of produce is at its best.

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Sustainable Seafood

Barton Seaver’s new cookbook hits shelves on May 3rd.  What? You’ve never heard of him?  Neither had I until 3 weeks ago, when at the last minute I decided to attend a lecture on sustainable seafood at Harvard.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the issues surrounding sustainable seafood, and this seemed like the perfect venue to learn more.

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